The Lincoln League


    Invisible people make the best spies.

    John Scobell, a former slave, has been treated as an invisible man for all of his life. Now he is a spy for the Union, and he collects secrets in northern Virginia as the Civil War marches down upon the land. But he has no idea that Peg, the wife he left behind in Richmond, has a secret of her own. Peg has also decided to become a Union spy in the heart of the Confederacy, uncovering information about Rebel experiments with submarines that could change the course of the war.

    The Lincoln League┬áis inspired by the true story of John Scobell, one of the first African American spies in our nation’s intelligence service. This thrilling novel also tells the little-known story of the Lincoln League, an extensive network of African American spies operating right under the noses of Southern masters. Their password: “Friends of Uncle Abe.”

    In the beginning, John sees the war as a fight for honor and freedom. But his world unravels when someone begins picking off Lincoln League agents, one by one. For John and Peg, it suddenly becomes a basic fight for survival.

    Inspired by the true story of John Scobell.

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